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In negg® Academy we help professionals to develop their ethical hacking skills as well as digital forensics and cybersecurity know-how.

Nowadays, to implement your knowledge and acquire new professional skills are the real plus in Companies and for workers; training is the only tool we have to stay or enter the world of work and to be competitive in our business.

Growth and evolution are essential today; therefore, the acquisition of new skills or the improvement of the existing ones is the only way to stay on track!

Cyber Security

Cyber threats are getting increasily sophisticated and cyber security professionals are the most requested profile by companies at the moment.

We offer a focused, in-depth and extensive training in a critical area such as cybersecurity.

We aim at accelerating the development of a next-generation workforce which can be attractive and productive from day one.

We offer you the opportunity to train the advanced and specialized skills necessary to build your future in the exciting world of IT security.

Ethical Hacking

Due to cybercrime, ethical hacking gained a strong emphasis lately. Many Companies, organizations and institutions around the world are looking for cyber security experts to check the validity of their cyber security framework.

Therefore, ethical hacking represents a high-value prevention strategy. Penetration tests based on the practices, most used by hackers, can optimize the security of an IT infrastructure in an undeniable way, by not being victim of illegal hacking actions. Experts have unusual knowledge and skills and a different conception of safety. This IT security branch allows small and medium-sized business companies to ensure the necessary know-how to secure their IT systems.

Penetration Testing

In the IT security community, ethical hacking is the basis of research and assessment activities that allow companies to improve their level of security. Penetration testing is a form of assessment that allows to highlight the weak points of corporate IT systems through an attack simulation.

The action of Pen Testers, compared to a vulnerability assessment, represents an in-depth test; it is not just about highlighting technical vulnerabilities in the system, but it also allows to underline any weakness in company processes and policies. The "attacks" carried out in the penetration test can also exploit social engineering techniques such as the use of phishing e-mails or direct relationships (for example via telephone) with employees, following exactly the cyber pirates’ way to act. News, in fact, highlights how most of the attacks at companies use "mixed" techniques, which combine these tricks with hacking activities linked to the use of IT tools.

Security & Privacy

Privacy has become more and more relevant within companies, as well as the issue about Information security. Today, the real "innovation" on which companies are asked to invest, by hiring resources with right skills and who dedicate themselves to this world in a devoted way, is the unbreakable union between privacy and information security that nowadays must be necessarily created and maintained constantly.

Classroom courses

Classroom courses allow professionals to go deep in the specialization and certification of skills through a fast and quality learning path.

The classroom training approach allows the user to learn topics quickly by resolving doubts immediately, communicating with the facilitator and other participants, obtaining feedback and carrying out the practical exercises proposed by the trainers leading the course.

streaming courses

Online courses help you to build and validate your skills to make the most of them. Our contents are created by experts and updated on a regular basis, so that you can always keep your skills up to date.

Online courses can help you to increase the effectiveness of your solutions and allows you to train at any time and in any place, by allowing interactivity with available materials and tools.

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